Why encapsulate placentas?

Your placenta is an incredible organ. Your body creates it specifically for the purpose of nourishing and protecting your baby throughout your pregnancy. But what happens to the placenta after the birth? Usually, it is discarded as "medical waste." But your placenta doesn't have to be done working just yet--it will share its incredible benefits with you after your baby's birth, too.

blue bowl of capsulesMost mammals (including primates) ingest their placentas. Many women in diverse cultures throughout history have consumed their placentas for rebalancing their bodies after giving birth. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used the placenta for its healing benefits for thousands of years. Your placenta contains your body's own natural hormones and iron stores, which remain after birth. Why not take advantage of those?

What are the benefits?

While there is limited research proving the benefits of consuming one's placenta, many women report experiencing more energy, a bountiful milk supply, decreased postpartum mood changes (including postpartum depression), and less bleeding after the birth—in general, a more peaceful postpartum recovery period! You can read an article about the healing benefits of the placenta here.

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